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Winners of the 2020 Young Talents Awards France include 4 young researchers from Université Paris-Saclay

Research Article published on 07 October 2020 , Updated on 19 October 2020

The L’Oréal Foundation has just announced the 35 winners of the 2020 Young Talents Awards for Women in Science: 4 of them are PhD students in laboratories affiliated with Université Paris-Saclay.

2020 marks the 14th edition of this award organised by the L’Oréal Foundation in partnership with UNESCO. This year, 686 candidates were pre-selected by a committee of 87 experts representing France’s major research institutions and covering a wide variety of disciplines. Candidates were then presented to an independent jury, composed of eminent researchers from the Academy of Sciences, which designated the 35 winning young talents of the 2020 Awards.

As well as a research grant, winners benefit from training programme that is complementary to their scientific background to help them break the glass ceiling.

These grants recognise the research of young - particularly talented - scientists. The programme also aims to encourage more girls to study science by showcasing women researchers and supporting their role in research.

Université Paris-Saclay is proud to count 4 winners.

Léa Bonnefoy is a PhD student at the Laboratory of Atmospheres, Environments, Spatial Observations (LATMOS – UPSaclay, UVSQ, CNRS, Sorbonne Université). She is winner in the Chemistry-Physics category for her work in planetology on the icy surfaces of 3 Saturn moons: Iapetus, Rhea and Dione.

Charlotte Canet-Jourdan is a PhD student at the Dynamic Tumour Cell Laboratory (TCD – UPSaclay, Inserm, Institut Gustave Roussy). Her award is in the biology category for her oncology research.

Élodie Hinnekens is a PhD student at the Laboratory of Complexity, Innovation, Sports and Motor Activities (CIAMS – Faculty of Sports Sciences, UPSaclay). She is winner in the Medicine category for her work on movement analysis in infancy and very early therapy.

Solène Marie is a PhD student at the Paris-Saclay Multimodal Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (BIOMAPS – UPSaclay, CEA, CNRS, Inserm). She won an award in the Medicine category for her work on radiopharmaceutical drugs in medical imaging, amongst other uses.



Léa Bonnefoy. © FWIS
Elodie Hinnekens. © FWIS
Charlotte Canet-Jourdan. © FWIS
Solène Marie. © FWIS